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Style: Margarita Araneta Fores

‘I feel it is a blessed home that is full of inspiration’

Margarita Araneta Fores, 50, is chef and owner of several Italian-inspired restaurants in Manila. She also runs a catering business, high-end floral and houseware design shops and, in 2007, was named Ernst & Young Woman Entrepreneur of the Year. She lives in a 1950s bungalow in a village just outside the central business district of Makati with her 19-year-old son, Amado, and two cats.

Tell me about your home.
My four-room house in Urdaneta Village is still unchanged from its original state. I feel it is a blessed home that is full of inspiration because it was the residence of Arturo Luz, Philippine National Artist for Visual Arts, for 33 years. The house used to showcase his pieces, as well as works of other young, up-and-coming artists. Luz left some of his works in the house and I have since used them to enhance the place: I have stone sculptures that I mounted on marble cubes; an unsigned abstract painting brightening the lanai (veranda); and three steel and stone sculptures that now stand tall at the house entrance.

What is inside?
The home is filled with refreshed mid-century pieces – a period that I love very much. My dining set is the cornerstone of the living and dining area. It is an original R Baluyut & Sons set from my grandparents’ home, where our family used to visit on Sundays for lunch. The other pieces of furniture are from my mother’s old Park Avenue apartment in the late 1970s and early 1980s. My brass-and-steel coffee table is a creative collaboration with my friend Mark Gonzalez, who is one of the city’s best style purveyors. He brought premiere British brands such as Liberty and Fred Perry to our Philippine shores.

What about your collections?
A wide assortment of vintage tableware, some inherited from my family and other items collected from many years of flea market and segunda mano (second-hand) store shopping, fill the cabinets in my kitchen and library. My cookbook and design book collection fills the shelves of what was once Luz’s workroom and library. Some of his art books that he left here are still on the shelves. My collection of linens for very special catering jobs also fills the cabinets. My collection of all-cotton or all-linen sheets and blanket covers, as well as Italian damask hand towels, are also stored here.

Why is this house special to you?
It is the first home in Manila that I could truly call my own. My family has always been very close-knit so the move from the home where I was born had been extremely heart-wrenching and emotionally traumatic. But the move was a good way of building a new chapter for my own small family unit.

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